Why Energy Efficient Fabrics Matter

Energy-efficient shades start with the selection of the fabric. When selecting a fabric, consider what will block out light and prevent heat from entering through a window in warmer climates. There are several variables that make a fabric energy efficient like openness factors, UV protection, and fabric color.

Our collection of 3000 NET (1%,3%,5%,10%, and Privacy), Balmoral Light Filtering and Blackout, and Mesa Blackout fabrics allow consumers to pair stylish designs with energy-efficient functionality. These fabrics have been tested and certified by the Attachments Energy Rating Council (AERC) for their ability to reduce energy consumption through performance against solar heat in warm climates and their ability to retain heat in cool climates.

Products certified by the AERC get two ratings: Cool Climate and Warm Climate.  The Cool Climate rating measures for potential energy savings tied to heating, while the Warm Climate rating measures for potential energy savings tied to cooling.  Both are evaluated in comparison to an unprotected window.

AERC provides an unbiased, third-party certification of the energy-saving potential of a window attachment product using a sophisticated process of material testing and window modeling to gauge the degree to which a window attachment – such as a shade, blind, or storm window – will improve the performance of that window in reducing heating and cooling usage.

For a complete energy-efficient window coverings solution by Rollease Acmeda, pair our fabrics with the Skyline® manual roller shade hardware system. Read the Full Press Release Here.

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Updated Fabric Visualizer

Texstyle’s Visualizer tool now includes more commercially focused simulations to help you make more informed fabric choices for both residential and commercial projects.

New Release: Texstyle's Tusk Collection

Texstyle's Tusk Collection connects your interior space to the subtle palette of America's vast landscapes.

Tusk Light Filtering offers privacy while still allowing natural ambient light into your space. Tusk Blackout features a color-matched back making it ideal for open roll sytems.

From textured earth tones to the rich, warm colors of weathered sandstone cliffs, Tusk window coverings provide comfort and harmony to every space.